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Raighes Factory’s Friends Playlists

Here you can find a collection of playlists curated by our friends.
Check them out, follow them and discover some great music.


Two minutes minimal piano Your best OWN pieces
How much can a contemporary musician tell
in 2 minutes… or less?
If you compose music, send me your
3 OWN favs!



Available also on Apple Music, Deezer and Youtube Music.

Acoustic Guitar Magic Life On The Deck
Acoustic Guitar masters creating magic for the ear! Music to listen to while enjoying life on the deck!



Available also on Apple Music.

Exquisite Instrumentals World Music Bonanza
An eclectic and diverse playlist of instrumental music from around the world A connoisseur’s feast of the very best World Music from around the globe.


Available also on Apple Music and Youtube Music.

Enchantment BEST Contemporary Solo Piano
Music of Fairies, Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Imagination, Wishes and Dreams Study, Focus, Sleep, Relax


Great Fingerstyle Guitar Music Mellow Days
Virtuoso Players, Mind Blowing Compositions. Mellow Instrumentals to ease your mind.


Available also on Apple Music,  Deezer and Tidal.

Long Afternoons The Heart is a Thousand String Instrument
Music that takes time to evolve, so take the journey. “The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with Love” ~Hafiz Enjoy this collection of beautiful guitar music from a variety of artists, spanning centuries of music.



Relaxing Acoustic Instrumentals Hypnotic, Circular, and Mesmerizing
Here are some great fingerstyle guitarists and a few other musicians who play unusual instruments, including Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, Chapman Stick, and even some Harp. Many of these are Celtic-leaning instrumentals. Turn off your mind RELAX, and let this mesmerizing music take you on a journey that goes round and round.



Acoustic Concentration Music Relaxing Guitar



Morning Meditation Coffee Break
Beautiful –Delicate – Classical. These soft piano compositions are sure to put some Zen into your morning meditation. Acoustic versions of some of today’s most popular songs in a wide variety of genre’s.



Acoustic Love Acoustic Chill/Study/Relax



Melancholic Instrumentals Stress Relief
Peaceful melancholic instrumental music, piano, guitar and more. Relax, meditate, yoga, work, study, read. Relax with these calming tunes. Peaceful instrumental music for meditation and reflecting. Great background music for restaurants, dinners, work, study, read, write.


Available also on Deezer and Youtube Music

Weissenborn & Steel Guitar Yoga & Meditation Instrumentals
Weissenborn & Steel Guitar Songs! With the most interesting Artists around the world. Enjoy the sliding souls Music for Yoga Class. Relax, breath, and meditate with great instrumental yoga music.


Available also on Deezer and Apple Music

Contemporary Classical Cinematic Classical Music
Contemporary Classical playlist featuring relaxing, cinematic and modern classical scores from various artist. Cinematic Classical Music Featuring some great composers.


Available also on Deezer and Apple Music

Ambient Encounters Instrumental Ambient
Relax / Study / Sleep / No Beats / Background Relax / Study / Focus / No Beats / Background


Música relajante a guitarra Instrumental Well-Being


Relaxing Instrumental Music Picking and Grinning