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Raighes Factory’s Friends Playlists Vol. 2

Here you can find a collection of playlists curated by our friends.
Check them out, follow them and discover some great music.


Coffeehouse Mix Mindfulness & Meditation
Get some calm with this collection of acoustic blues and soft instrumental acoustic. The ideal accompaniment for a coffee break or study session. The Mindfulness & Meditation playlist is a mixture of calm instrumental tracks aimed to make one drift away and relax into a state of calm serenity and peaceful bliss and tranquility. Ideal to aid sleep and help the mind and soul. So sit down, chill out and get comfortable.


Guitar Instrumentals Killer Guitar Solos
all genres including jazz fusion, solo fingerstyle, rock, country, blues, and more the best guitar solos featured in songs of all genres


Beautiful – Solo Instruments Beautiful – Melancholic


Instrumental Delight Fingerstyle Favourites
guitar / piano / ambient Fingerstyle Favourites


Guitar Odyssey Piano, piano, si va lontano.
Contemporary Guitar Piano today: music from established and upcoming pianists worldwide. Mood: tends to be calm and supporting your work, but not so relaxed that you get bored…


Instrumentalists of Spotify Best indie rock of 2019
HAS to be instrumental music! sorry no major labels!


Wood and Wires Acoustic Guitar Music Piano Solo
An inspirational playlist of today and yesterday’s premier acoustic fingerstyle guitarists. A collection of the best solo piano or piano driven tracks by fine artists on the web from all over the world.


Available also on Apple Music.

New Age of Guitars Dreamy, cinematic and ambient


Beautiful Modern Piano Romantic Wedding Piano
Beautiful piano pieces by modern solo piano artists for studying focus, reading or relaxing chill moments. Romantic piano wedding music and piano love songs for wedding ceremony / reception.


Peaceful instrumental music Instrumental acoustic guitar
coustic guitar, piano and strings. music to relax and study.