Collection of Fingerstyle and Fingerpicking songs with Acoustic Guitar and related instruments. 
Include some of the best talent and new discovers out there.

Instrumental Music Relax and Chill Rebranded Raighes Factory playlist Editorial

Instrumental Music

Relax And Chill​

A collection of instrumental music with acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect for relaxing, studying, meditation, or working. Includes New Age, Classical, and Ambient Music. 
Brani Strumentali Chitarra Acustica e Piano. Perfetta per studiare, rilassarsi e meditare.

Modern Piano Instrumental pieces to listen while Reading, Painting, dreaming and living. 
Some of the Top Artists and Composers out there

Summer Instrumentals

Relax And Chill

Perfect Summertime Soundtrack with Instrumental Music. Mostly Acoustic and Calm. Perfect for relaxation on the beach, dinners on the porch, reading on your favorited rocking chair. 

Sardinian Music

Between Tradition And Innovation

A Collection of Sardinian Music. Traditional and Evergreen. With Maria Carta, Tenores di Bitti, Andrea Parodi, Piero Marras, Coro Ortobene, Piero Marras, Elena Ledda, Ispiriendi, Roberto Diana, Tenores, Cantores, Launeddas, Pippiolu, Cantos a Chiterra, Canto in Re, Organetto and More. 

Acoustic Guitar Radio It’s a Playlist based on “Roberto Diana Radio” on Spotify.

Peaceful Tide

Calm Piano for Sea Lovers

Relax with beautiful piano pieces. PeacefulTide CalmPiano RelaxingPiano PeacefulPiano a selection by Raighes Factory.

World Roots Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Some of the most beautiful instrumental acoustic guitar songs from around the world. This playlist is for Study, Focus, concentration, inspiration, office, background, mindfulness, meditation.

World Music Discoveries

Folk, Indie and Ethnic

Acoustic Guitar Radio It’s a Playlist based on “Roberto Diana Radio” on Spotify.

Yoga Mantras Discoveries

Mantra Yoga Kirtan

Collection of classic Yoga Mantras and new discoveries. Kirtan mantra. 
Curated by Hari Priya

Peaceful Slide Guitar

Dobro - Lap Steel

Slide Guitars, Weissenborn, Lap Steel Guitars, Dobro and Bottleneck to relax with. Calm and perfect background music for restaurants, coffee shops, stores.

Deep Meditation

Piano - Classical - Instrumental

The greatest piano songs, featuring Le Onde, Moonlight Sonata, Clair De Lune, Fur Elise, River Flows In You, Pachalbell’s Canon in D plus modern-day masterpieces and hidden treasures.

Positive Thinking with Classical Guitar | Positive Vibes | Instrumental

Positive Thinking with Classical Guitar

Positive Vibes | Instrumental

Positive vibes and thinking with Classical Guitar Music. Great background music for classy restaurants, driving, study, meditating, dinner parties, breakfast with family or for your listening pleasure. #PositiveThinking #PositiveVibes #ClassicalGuitar #Positive

Lo-Fi Instrumental Music & Beats

Lo-Fi Instrumental Music & Beats

Lofi hip hop, chill instrumental beats, chillhop

A selection of lofi hip hop, chill instrumental beats, chillhop, jazz and background music to spread positivity, good vibes and Love. 

Raighes Factory | Releases & Productions Playlist

Raighes Factory | Releases & Productions

All our releases in one place

Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Weissenborn, Piano, Orchestral, Banjo, Violin, Cello, Dan Tranh, World, Folk, Mediterranean, New Age, Songwriters and Instrumentals. Collection of songs released or Produced by us.

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