Boutique recording, mixing studio and independent label made in Sardinia

Acoustic Guitar Sessions

Hire a professional Acoustic guitar player for your song or record!

More than 12yrs experienced multi-instrumentalist, I have recorded in more than 60 records during my career.

I can record Acoustic and Electric Guitars, bottleneck, Weissenborn, Lap Steel, Banjo, Dobro, Indian instruments like Vichitra Veena and Tanpura (see list below).

What did you get?

You’ll have a professional quality recording to use for any music needs that you may have.

The file will be delivered in 24 bit Wav format, other formats available for no extra charge.

If you would like more instruments in the song, please contact us for a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of microphone and preamp you’ll use for Acoustic instruments in my recording?

I normally use 2 Shoeps mc5 Matched into a API premp, plus the special Piezo of my Signature guitar. Check out the quality of my recordings here:

  • Do you need scores or tab or charts?

I can do without, but in case you have Scores, tabs or charts it could be much faster for me. Please  provide me as much information you can.

  • Do you play other instruments?

Yes I do! Here a list of instruments I can record for you: –

Acoustic and Electric Guitars.

– Banjo

– Dobro (Resonator Guitar)

– Electric Lap Steel and Weissenborn

– Violin (recorded in my Studio by a professional Violin player)

– Vichitra Veena (Indian Slide)

– Tanpura

– Mandolin


  • Are you able to play in any style?

Yes I do, I can play for you figerpicking or strummed or any kind of style you’ll need. Ask me before and please prvide me few axemple if you need something in partiicular.

  • Wich DAW you use?

I use Protools as primary system and Logic as secondary but I’m able to work also in cubase and nuendo in case

  • What about the prices?

It depend on your project and your needs, basic prices starting from:

  • 150 € : You get 2 different Acoustic guitar takes.
    A rough mix to hear the tracks over your song and 2 WAV 24Bit 44.100 for each guitar (one dry and one with effects)
    Please contact me for a custom quote.

Here you can listen some samples of my works:

Looking forward to work with you and make good music 🙂


Electric Guitars: 
:: Fender Stratocaster Corona California
:: Gibson Les Paul Traditional
:: Parker Nite fly
:: Telecaster custom
:: Fret King Super 60
:: Vintage Les Paul

Acoustic Guitars: 
:: MN Guitars Twilight “Roberto Diana signature”
:: MN Guitars Moona
:: MN Guitars N.E.T.H.O. Baritone guitar
:: MN Guitars Frank 8 Strings
:: Weissenborn Anderwood Guitars Acoustic Lap steel guitar
:: Guild CV-1C
:: Ovation Celebrity Deluxe

:: Hansa veena Indian lap steel by Monoj Kumar Sardar
:: Electric Lap Steel guitar custom
:: Banjo
:: Resophonic Guitar
:: Acoustic Cello
:: Mandolino Rollin’s elettrificato
:: The One “Dried Figs Box Guitar” (cigar box guitar)

:: Mad Cat Kt 45 + cabinet 2×12
:: Laney VC30 210
:: Kustom Tube 12A
:: Marshall JCM 900
:: Orange Tiny Terror


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