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bzur started studying the piano at the age of 7.
After several years, he became interested in composing, with his early works strongly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis.
He has composed more than 400 tracks ranging from experimental and ambient electronic music to solo piano to orchestral works and his music is often inspired by poetry, science fiction, astronomy and figurative art.
In 2012 he graduated in “Musica e Nuove Tecnologie” from the Cagliari Conservatory in Italy.
He also collaborates with other artists as well as working by himself.

After a single released in collaboration with Roberto Diana on Weissenborn titled “Dust on The Road” he release is first single under the “Raighes Factory” February 1st.



bzur’s LATEST RELEASES with Raighes Factory:

  • 2019 – “The Tide” (EP) MArch 29th Piano Day
  • 2019 – “The Tributaries” (Single) March 15th  
  • 2019 – “Insieme” (Single) February 1st
  • 2019 – “Dust on the Road” with Roberto Diana
    “Insieme” is a beautiful instrumental Modern piano song by the Sardinian Composer “bzur”.
    Sometimes delicate, sometimes hectic, with a strong melody that drives us to another dimension.


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