Award Winning Guitar and Weissenborn Player
Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and Composer.

Piano Haiku gives a musical perspective on a series of new original poetic composition, written in the ancient form of the Japanese haiku; short piano impros become a soundtrack for a glimpse of life, for an intense moment of meditation and for the fascination in front of the beauty of nature.

Inspired by ecological causes, exploring the human nature, passionate about our mother earth, and the link that binds us inexorably to it. We wish to make aware people of certain issues, trying to touch their consciousness but mostly through their feelings, delivering a message of hope through our music.

Even though Todd’s mainstay is more along the lines of acoustic driven songs, he has a knack for capturing different sounds of certain eras using an array of well orchestrated instruments throughout his masterpiece, including steel guitar, piano, viola and more. 

bzur started studying the piano at the age of 7. After several years, he became interested in composing, with his early works strongly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. 

“Instrumental Piano Compositions” 

Award Winning Composer from Kolkata. Neil’s music is a fusion between Indian Ragas, Latin and Flamenco played  on a custom eight string acoustic guitar in finger style

.Between The Dots it’s a collective band born in L..A. in 2014. 

Instrumental Music and Peaceful Acoustic Guitar Solos”

Three musicians from three different scenarios that gave birth to an original and innovative musical project that promises to be a journey into Sardinian tradition and culture, carried by unusual instruments and bewitching melodies.

“Sardinian Traditional Revised and Original (Singed)” 

Shanthi Yoga it’s a music project Yoga related. Ambient, New Age and Relaxing Music.

“Ambient, New Age Peaceful Instrumentals”

Compilations released by us