A Piano Sailing

A Piano Sailing” is inspired by a piano on a sailboat.

Like any sea voyage, it is epic.
At the same time, it takes into account the crew’s emotional and shared experiences

Michele Nobler is one of the most talented composers out there. His music has been featured in movies, commercials and this “A Piano Sailing” has been charted #6 on iTunes Canada (Classical Music) 


1. Sailing in Big Waves 02:35

2. Echoes of Sirens 03:45

3. Aerial Cliff 02:15

4. Together at the Helm 02:31

5. Making Bread 01:27

6. One Day In Iceland 02:27

7. Black & White 02:33

8. an Old Silent Movie Love Story 02:00

9. An Old Silent Movie Love Story (Upright) 02:01

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